Welcome to my blog! I am Carlos González de Miguel, I was born in Barcelona, Spain, on 22nd June 1984. Currently, I am living in Leuven, Belgium, where I obtained my PhD degree in Engineering Science, by the KU Leuven, electrical engineering department (research group ESAT-ELECTA).

In parallel, I have worked in the KIC-Active SubStation project, developing Intellectual Property in the field of Fault Passage Indicators for electrical distribution grids, and I have taken part in the KIC PhD school program, with a strong vision on innovation, economics, energy and technology.

At present, I work at Bausch Datacom NV with a KIC-InnoEnergy agreement towards the commercialisation of my PhD topic, bridging the gap between the academic work and the actual market.

Photo by Carolina Mora López, 2016

My professional interests are linked to the world of Research&Development applied to the electricity distribution sector, although I am open to other fields related to engineering, not just electrical!

In my free time, I enjoy music in many of its variants, either as amateur guitar or flute player, as well as a composer. If the Belgian weather allows it, I also enjoy walking in nature.

In this blog, you find a broader description of what I have achieved in different fields. You can always contact me if you are interested in a specific academic paper, a score, if you want to launch a collaboration in any project, either music or engineering!